new stuff I did in January

One of my goals for 2010 (let’s not use the R word to describe my 2010 goals, okay? The R word applies to nebulous things like “go to the gym” and “get organized!” and other things that make people buy stuff) is to try new things whenever the opportunity arises. This isn’t going to be too difficult to accomplish–I’m known for tackling even the boringest of tasks simply because I’ve never done it before–but stating that it’s a goal will help me remember to say yes to new things.

Here are the new things I did in January

  • took a country-dancing lesson
  • went on a home tour
  • made a wrap dress that didn’t totally suck
  • went to an absinthe bar
  • re-stuffed an old couch
  • went to the Harry Ransom center
  • helped shop for a wedding venue (someone else’s)
  • went to a public clothing swap
  • cooked tofu