kickball to start."; $caption[2] = "chris, dave, jared, shaun, stevie ray, ryan, julie, billy."; $caption[3] = "sarah shows me the ball."; $caption[4] = "this is the other team. you can't see because i'm behind the camera, but i'm laughing at dave's shorts and little duckie socks."; $caption[5] = "jason takes a picture of something in my direction."; $caption[6] = "ryan, on base, is very tall. brad, by comparison, is really tiny. look how tiny!"; $caption[7] = "anil."; $caption[8] = "good game good game good game good game good game good game good game."; $caption[9] = "an overhead view of leonard, jared, and ryan at nick's birthday."; $caption[10] = "cheri, chuck, and michael in a row."; $caption[11] = "jared takes alcohol beyond this point."; $caption[12] = "i also laughed at dave's t-shirt-with-a-tie-on-it costume at 20x2."; $caption[13] = "jessica has an aura."; $caption[14] = "a view of my 20x2. you can see me in this one..."; $caption[15] = "...and my video in this one."; $caption[16] = "jay, joey tio, and jessica's armadillo purse."; $caption[17] = "last year's losers, ernie and me."; $caption[18] = "ernie and mark. does ernie's tongue look blue to you?"; $caption[19] = "overhead view of the dfwblogs happy hour at jazz."; $caption[20] = "robert and cam and their cute little twin laptops."; $caption[21] = "an unrelated mirror shot in the bathroom at the breakfast klub in houston. the end."; ?> bluishorange - south by southwest - austin, tx - march 8-12, 2002
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