pre-new york
still in houston, where they liqidate the orientals in strip malls."; $caption[2] = "a joke soup made from fish eyes that my fellow waitstaff members made at work."; $caption[3] = "mullet croaker bait on the side of the road near the bolivar ferry."; $caption[4] = "sunday
now we are in new york, where the museum of modern art has an exhibit featuring a piece of cheese made from women's breast milk. photo by anil."; $caption[5] = "a very large composite photo of the empire state building and the public library, in bryant park"; $caption[6] = "anil."; $caption[7] = "a line of garbage on the street."; $caption[8] = "the flatiron building."; $caption[9] = ""; $caption[10] = "dancing in washington square park"; $caption[11] = "monday
jason's skeleton."; $caption[12] = "some jesuses or, if you prefer, jesii."; $caption[13] = ""; $caption[14] = "a weird mural in starbucks."; $caption[15] = "near the beginning of the high line, an abandoned elevated railway on the lower east side of manhattan. jason has pictures too, if you want to see those."; $caption[16] = "the view from the high line. you can see penn station just below."; $caption[17] = "the new yorker building is there in the background."; $caption[18] = "yanda and jason walking in front of me."; $caption[19] = "sometimes the grass was so high that you couldn't see the tracks, and it looked like a hiking trail in the middle of the city."; $caption[20] = ""; $caption[21] = "this was in the middle of the tracks. we had to crawl through a hole in it to continue on."; $caption[22] = "we had to crawl through a hole in this one, too."; $caption[23] = ""; $caption[24] = ""; $caption[25] = "jason walking through the tall weeds in front of me"; $caption[26] = ""; $caption[27] = "yanda looking awfully pleased to be there in the weeds and trash and heat."; $caption[28] = "where we'd been."; $caption[29] = "chelsea piers."; $caption[30] = ""; $caption[31] = "underneath one of the tunnels, there were all sorts of metal sculptures placed in a row."; $caption[32] = "like this."; $caption[33] = "also, turnstiles."; $caption[34] = "a big composite image of where we sat and rested, as far as we could go on the line. you should look at it bigger, it's only 91k."; $caption[35] = "we thought we were going to have to walk back the way we came (almost an hour walk) in order to get down, but then we found this old staircase, which led down into a parking lot."; $caption[36] = "which was missing steps and overgrown with plants. i had a hard time climbing down, and climbing out."; $caption[37] = "we were safely down the stairs and in the parking lot before we realized it was a police vehicle seizure lot, at which point we got out pretty fast."; $caption[38] = "that's how high it was. jason's got a better photo."; $caption[39] = "me, hot and dirty and sweaty from the high line, in the bathroom at a sushi restaurant."; $caption[40] = ""; $caption[41] = "lingerie mannequins behind bars."; $caption[42] = ""; $caption[43] = "times square, of course."; $caption[44] = ""; $caption[45] = "i love how cup o noodles gets to be right up there at the top."; $caption[46] = "the ferris wheel inside the times square toys r us."; $caption[47] = ""; $caption[48] = "a spectacular retail corner."; $caption[49] = ""; $caption[50] = "the mirror across from where i was sitting at josie wood's, a bar."; $caption[51] = "tuesday
i slept next to metafilter the whole time i was there."; $caption[52] = "a mural on the side of a building in chinatown."; $caption[53] = "the manhattan bridge, through that arch there."; $caption[54] = "me taking a picture of jason taking a picture of a columbia university sign in tribeca."; $caption[55] = ""; $caption[56] = ""; $caption[57] = ""; $caption[58] = ""; $caption[59] = ""; $caption[60] = ""; $caption[61] = "some pastel-clad tourists watch the statue of liberty."; $caption[62] = "the statue of liberty, really hazy and far away."; $caption[63] = ""; $caption[64] = "the sculpture that used to be between towers one and two. you can see how it's all banged up."; $caption[65] = "out the window at josie wood's again, with anil, jason, and lisa. not pictured: anil, jason, lisa."; $caption[66] = "wednesday
rodin's the thinker, on campus at columbia university. jason went to school here, so he told me a lot of things about it, which i promptly forgot."; $caption[67] = "this building is labeled as the library, but i can't remember what it actually is. see?"; $caption[68] = "this was near the saint john the divine cathedral."; # Now, sit back, 'cause it's all done. # $max = count($caption); $x = ($x); if ($x == "") { $x = (1); } # # $b (back) becomes the prior picture in the sequence... # $b = ($x-1); if ($b < 1) { $b = ($max); } # # ... and $f (forward) becomes the next picture in the sequence. # $f = ($x + 1); if ($f > $max) { $f = (1); } # ?> <? echo($pagetitle); ?>
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pre-new york

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