tate modern."; $caption[3] = "people walking through the tate."; $caption[4] = ""; $caption[5] = "my sister and i went out on the balcony of the tate and looked at the millennium bridge."; $caption[6] = ""; $caption[7] = "and then we walked across it."; $caption[8] = "a scary guy wearing glasses in a shop window."; $caption[9] = "i was really envious of the converted church where my sister's friend lived."; $caption[10] = "me and mark in a mirror at boots on oxford street."; $caption[11] = "mark accessorizes."; $caption[12] = ""; $caption[13] = ""; $caption[14] = ""; $caption[15] = ""; $caption[16] = ""; $caption[17] = ""; $caption[18] = "mark's lava lamp."; $caption[19] = "phil took me to a bar in cambridge where there were tables on the ceiling."; $caption[20] = "crates out the window of said bar."; $caption[21] = "board games on the ceiling of said bar."; $caption[22] = "me in phil's radiator."; $caption[23] = "me after wine, wearing a tie."; $caption[24] = "phil reading on the train to london."; $caption[25] = "on the way to mark's shoreditch office, he showed us the graffiti."; $caption[26] = "phil and mark in the office."; $caption[27] = ""; $caption[28] = "chinese buffet phil inside a water glass."; $caption[29] = "canary wharf."; $caption[30] = "me on mark's snowboard."; ?> bluishorange - london and cambridge - march 2002
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