this is the intro!
i went to london for the entire month of july. it was something i had wanted to do for quite a long time, and i really loved it there. i went with a study abroad program, and i stayed in dorms and had classes and field trips and tests and finals, along with a lot of sightseeing. naturally, i took a lot of photos.

more accurately, i took over 300 photos, 147 of which i've chosen to show you here. i've divided the photos up into twenty approximate categories, which you'll see on the left over there. you can look through all 147 photos consecutively, using the next and previous arrows on each page, or you can browse through the categories. all the links in the captions underneath the photos open in new windows. if there's no caption underneath a photo, it means i didn't want to say anything. the beginning of each section is labeled with a title, and each photo is numbered underneath the caption. i did this site in php, with a little help from jared.

so, please tell me what you think. also, enjoy!

copyright 2001 alison headley
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