i’m not going to die of strep!

after crying every day for four days straight and thinking i was going to die because my throat hurt so much i could barely eat or drink anything, i’m finally feeling better, so it’s time for more photo highlights!


kayaking to fort gorges

decordova sculpture park
museum of bad art

roosevelt island
museum of modern art
shake shack
brooklyn bridge
manhattan from brooklyn
prospect park
riding bikes in brooklyn

(got sick, stopped taking pictures)

hains point
jefferson memorial

one of my favorites:

the brooklyn bridge

going three miles an hour

today, right in the middle of heavy traffic on the I-95 in the bronx, i broke down and sobbed. i’ve got the worst sore throat i’ve ever had in my life, the only clinic i could find on a sunday was all the way on long island, and they weren’t entirely sure what was wrong with me. when the clinic attendant looked at my sign-in papers, she said, “oh, hey! happy birthday!”

today i’m twenty-nine.