(4:32 pm GMT)  outside the london eye, holly and diane and i waited for matt and jessica.  we sat by the road, at the end of the interminable london eye queue, on stone stumps which resembled benches.  several ice-cream vendor vans were parked at the curb near us.  a young guy in a yellow ice-cream van was eating a popsicle.  staring at us.  grinning.  eating a popsicle, eating it the way they give blow jobs in porn flicks.  three girls together, we covered our mouths, giggled, tried not to look, looked anyway, got free ice cream.

oh.  tacked to the door across the hall from mine is a newspaper clipping.  a waist-up photograph of a naked woman, tongue out, fingers over nipples.  the caption reads, “Lizzy got dune me in night of.”  i’ve become obsessed.  do you understand?


(5:41 pm GMT)  did i mention i haven’t time for anything?  yes, i think i did.  mondays and wednesdays i have class for seven hours, tuesdays and thursdays are day trips with class, and weekends are, i’m told, to be used for extended trips out of town, trips i can ill afford.  i’m not so sure i want to afford them anyway, as i’m rather enjoying feeling less like a tourist and more like i live here.  grocery store walking bus dorm desk bed

a month is an interesting length of time to spend somewhere; it’s not so short that one has to prioritize what one wants to see and do and choose accordingly, nor is it long enough that much relaxation is possible.  what i miss more than anything are those times spent, over coffee or a beer, in really good conversation with just one or two people.  here in this strange place, someones always want to do somethings tangible, somethings that involve looking and moving and spending and indiscriminately observing with as many people as humanly possible.  as a result, while i’m familiar with this teeming herd, i don’t really know anyone.

time moves quickly and s l o w l y.