on the occasion of bluishorange.com’s 10th birthday, a list of things about 31-year-old me that would surprise the hell out of 21-year-old me

ye olde fish in a blender

ye olde fish in a blender

Dudes, bluishorange.com is 10! I’ve been running this motherfucker ever since February 23, 2000, when I didn’t have any lunch money. Why didn’t I bring lunch with me that day? Why didn’t I go out and buy some food with my bank card? Hell, that office was a whole 10-minute drive from my then-apartment, so why didn’t I just go eat at home? These are questions for the ages, my friends, and we’ll probably never know the answers.

Anyway, here it is, a list of things about 31-year-old me that would surprise 21-year-old me:

  1. I have not become a professional writer.
  2. Not being a professional writer does not bother me too much.
  3. Not being famous does not bother me too much either.
  4. I knew how to sew, knit, make jewelry, and do a whole host of other craft-related things. If you name it, I can probably figure out how to make it.
  5. I have not even moved to another state, let alone another country.
  6. I am still a damn web designer.
  7. I went to my 10-year high-school reunion and didn’t hate it.
  8. I own and know how to operate a very nice digital camera, and have been paid for doing so.
  9. I own and know how to operate a chihuahua.
  10. I drove all the way around the United States. With the chihuahua.
  12. I recycle.
  13. My diet consists mostly of vegetables and not pasta flavored with packets of gelatinous cheese-like goo.
  14. And yet I’m 30 pounds heavier now than I was then.
  15. I have been to jail.
  16. I have been to Ecuador.
  17. This website is still here.

Or maybe the things that would not surprise 21-year-old me are more interesting:

  1. I am not married.
  2. I do not own a house.
  3. I do not have any children.
  4. It is still very important to me to have a job in which the main goal is not selling people mass-produced stuff they don’t need, or trying to convince them that they need more stuff.
  5. I’m still sporting more than one hair color at any given time.
  6. I have not removed any of my piercings.

To celebrate this dubious milestone, I’ve gathered some of my favorite posts into a best-of category. And here’s another thing that might have surprised 21-year-old me: looking through my archives to find those posts was difficult.  Looking through my archives is always difficult, really.  They’re a record of all the stupid things I’ve done and ill-advised decisions I’ve made and people I wish I hadn’t hurt and people I wish I’d never met in the first place. One’s twenties is the appropriate time for such things to take place, but mine are chronicled on the internet! For everyone to read about in often-cringeworthy prose!

See, 21-year-old Alison? It’s a good thing you’re not famous.

17 thoughts on “on the occasion of bluishorange.com’s 10th birthday, a list of things about 31-year-old me that would surprise the hell out of 21-year-old me

  1. Wow. I am so glad I found this site 10 years ago and that there were fewer blogs to sort through! Thanks to Rabi for leading me to the wonderful Bluishorange!

  2. If you look at the blogrolls from our earliest pages, a lot of those sites have receded into the aether. I’m glad we’re all still around. :)

  3. I’m glad you’re all still around too!

    Alison, I can’t believe I’ve been reading about your life for a decade, first as a complete stranger, then as an occasional commenter, and later as a legitimate digital friend.

    I know our blogs mean something different each of us that started in 2000, and I’m happy that your blog (and us!) are still meaningful to you.

    PS: To this day I meet co-workers, social media people, and random strangers who have read you for years and say, “No way, she brought MAUDE to your HOUSE?”

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  5. Happy birthday, bluishorange!

    Would 21-year-old Alison be surprised by how many people you’ve come to know online and even met in person as a result of your blog?

    I’m glad you’ve been writing about your life for the past 10 years, and hope you’ll continue for the next 10 and beyond.

  6. Hi,

    Happy Birthday!

    I did this spoof of the Dodge commercial. This comment pertains to the Misogyny Bowl post a few weeks back.


  7. Happy happy. Do you remember when Blogger made you a “Blog of Note”? Because that’s how long I’ve been reading you. Yours is still the only “personal blog” I follow.

  8. I discovered your blog over five years ago, during the first few weeks of my freshman year of college. It’s kind of come to symbolize the time in my life when things still held promise. Thanks for writing, and happy birthday, bluishorange!

  9. happy birthday! (btw, i found you in 2001, during the train photo era.) glad you’re still writing.

  10. 10 year high school reunion? I think it’s just about time for the ten year Harp reunion. I’ve lost touch with Hahn and Tony, and Shaun is 99% MIA, but I saw Kari a few years back and randomly have Bruder still right on my periphery and I still keep up with Jessica Mays and Jess. Who else am I forgetting from them days?

    I got pulled into that internet again tonight, and it’s good to see you (and Maude) are still going strong. Keep it up! Continue being Lyle Lovett, avoid being Tony Bennett.

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