2 thoughts on “snacks and shit

  1. HA HA this one is my favorite:

    “Girl, this dick is so clean it’ll probably go good with your broccoli and cheese.”
    Devin The Dude, Broccoli And Cheese

    Okay. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. It won’t. That would ruin both the sexual experience and your appetite. It’s really a bad idea. My favorite part about this quote though is the part where he says “probably,” like he’s not 100 percent sure about the whole thing. Also I feel that I have to confirm this; YES these are real lyrics to a real song by someone who got paid for it.

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  2. It’s funny…but I HATE THE FONT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. I really hate it. What is it? Courier?

    Heh. Your friends are nerds. :)

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