my year in cities 2008

Is it too late in 2009 to do my year in cities 2008?  I don’t care.  I’m bored, my allergies are acting up, the ill-advised wedge of fancy cheese I had for dinner isn’t sitting right, and so I’d rather think about all the places I went than where I am right now.  Star denotes places I visited more than once:

Houston, TX *
Falfurrias, TX
Dallas, TX
St. Louis, MO*
Chicago, IL
Llano, TX

4 thoughts on “my year in cities 2008

  1. I just realized I didn’t leave Ohio all year (except for Kentucky, which doesn’t count because it was still Cincinnati). Depressing.

  2. WOW, did you travel so much in 2008 alone? Did you catch coldpaly live in Houston…don’t tell me ‘no’.

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