outside Target today

boy with book talking to a homeless man outside Target

I used to be the kind of writer who would take a sight like this and try to connect it to some experience in my own life.  But what would it be with this photo?  That I went to Target to buy a digital TV and decided to save some money by getting the converter box instead, and now I’m $300 further from being homeless like this guy ha ha?  That if that kid’s holding a Bible and talking about what I think he’s talking about, then that’s the kind of thing I’d have wanted to do in high school?  It all sounds kind of dumb, doesn’t it?

Or maybe I could say blah blah the juxtaposition of this and consumerism, or blah blah I’m lucky to have a support system that would help keep me from this fate if I ran out of other options, or blah blah nuts to Christianity but if it helps either one of these people then good for them?

Nah, it’s all dumb.

6 thoughts on “outside Target today

  1. That’s the beautiful thing about the visual arts, the words are up to the viewer. Wonderful photo.

  2. i’m new to this website, but i want to say don’t refrain. maybe you’re thinking “maybe i shouldn’t ‘blog it’ because i have exhausted myself” based on your last several posts. i’d urge you to continue, just because i stopped a long time ago and i miss the way it helped me look at my life.

  3. Even though he’s homeless, he’s getting the shit bothered out of him right now, just like you would. A point of common ground to bind us all together! Won’t you help the homeless? They hate this shit just like you do.

  4. i saw that homeless man at a bus stop this morning and someone else was talking to him just like that older lady that looks like a boy with what looks like a bible but this person this morning did not have a bible..

  5. Agreeing with Susan, I think this photo speaks for itself and you don’t even need to worry about all the things you might have once said but don’t want to now. You say a lot of interesting things without relying on photos to illustrate the point, so in the same way you might have as much confidence in your photos as you do in the writing, or in this case, not writing!

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