2 thoughts on “command-z.

  1. I became deeply engrossed in Morrowind where all the characters you interact with have a “like bar” indicating their affection/fondness/respect/willingness to do things for you. I found myself in the middle of bars in Houston visualizing invisible “like bars” hanging over the heads of everyone there.

  2. OH AND ALSO (sorry, I like this question) I found that while I was teaching I spent a lot of time working on task A to deliver to person X, and then person X would give me task B and tell me to do it and go talk to person Y. And THEN person Y would mysteriously be absent and I would have to solve puzzle C in order to determine his/her whereabouts, only to find that task B was basically nullified and there was a whole different problem (D) to solve. I never did level up, ever.

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