to illustrate a point

The other day I was telling my therapist about how much I enjoy talking to a friend of mine who is a much calmer person than I am.

“When I’m talking about something really serious, he takes me seriously, but he doesn’t get so serious himself that it magnifies my seriousness and makes it even worse.  So even conversations about heavy subjects aren’t depressing or nerve-wracking.  It’s interesting.”

“It sounds pretty good,” my therapist said.

“Yeah. I think I need to spend time with people who are more relaxed than me.  It helps me relax a bit, too.”

“You should try to wear life like a loose blanket and not like a cement suit.”

“Yes! Or a straitjacket!”

“Or a straitjacket, yes.”

So this is me, trying really hard (but not too hard!) to wear life like a loose blanket and not a cement suit or a straitjacket:

what is wrong with this woman?

12 thoughts on “to illustrate a point

  1. i like the loose blanket idea. but as you know i usually end up in a george costanza “tight sheets at the foot of the bed” sort of thing.

    and yeah that photo’s awesome! miss you.

  2. It seems weird to comment on your hair as if we were friends who talked about such things, but I like your hair this length. Great photo, too.

    I like thinking about wearing life like a loose blanket. It’s a neat image.

  3. i just realized i have been reading your blog since 2001-ish. i think. i have to look at my fluorescent SXSW bag for the year and then a year before that.


  4. oops i accidentally commented on the previous entry. oh well. i had more to say anyways, after i thought about what i’d said for a minute. I hope i don’t piss you off, because i am glad you were helped by the dubious blanket adage.
    What the fruck is “wear your life like a blanket” supposed to mean anyway? Or do for you? That sounds like just the exact kind of irreverent psycobabble crap that made me give up on my shrink.
    Ah, well. maybe i’m just dense. :S

  5. The wearing of life like a loose blanket not like a cement suit makes total sense to me.

    I feel pretty unsuccessful if I am panicking about something, go to someone to tell them about it, and I talk them into panicking with me. A part of my mind says to me: “You failed. You talked them into it. Panicking.”

    The photo is A-1 double plus good.

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