I don’t feel like saying stuff right now, so I’m not going to.  These days I’m all input and no output, all consumption and no production, all play and no work, all over the place.  But after years and years of living inside my own head, it feels good to go outside for awhile.

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  1. Enjoy yourself! We’ll miss you here for a while, but I certainly think you deserve to enjoy friends and fun.

  2. cement suit?! I think your shrink is on drugs. ;)
    I agree with this, but i am always mindblown by people who come upon a blanket realization like that, and actually…like…live it. for more than two hours. i have a hard enough time getting up when my alarm goes off, letalone living my life the way i -gasp- actually want to! That takes effort! Me, actually give effort to making my life livable?! But…impossible!

    This explains why i suck ASS at life. ;(

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