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  1. It’s not scary until we get closer to “sometime after 2020”. Less scary than Citibank, really. How does your therapist feel about Planet Money? They really make me less worried, even when the news is bad.

  2. I’m struggling to keep my boyfriend from this sort of stuff and often have to temper his wild flights of fear. So I’m good at this. Anyway, this isn’t scary because everyone has tried to predict the end of everything and they were all wrong. I was raised Southern Baptist and they were constantly predicting the end of the world. I remember a particular day in 1993 when the world was supposed to end. They thought they had facts to back this up. Everything thinks they have facts to back it up. But in the end it’s just a guess. Do we have to start digging up all the wrong predictions that have come before to calm us all down?

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    You should read the 1997 report to the Club of Rome “Factor Four – Doubling Wealth, Halving Resource Use” also Richard Buckminster Fuller’s “Critical Path”. They both cover the process of ephemeralisation (doing more with less), as an antidote to the Malthusian fear mongering.

  4. This is why I prefer the ostrich syndrome.

    I don’t read these kinds of things. Does it make me ignorant of what’s going on? Sure, I guess so. But you know what they say about ignorance.

    (It’s bliss. Among other things.)

  5. 1. There’s big picture and small picture. Big picture happens outside of your control and you worrying about it is wasting your time. You can’t control or change it. The sun will eventually grow to be a red giant and engulf the inner planets extinguishing all life on earth. what can you do about it? Nothing. You will live for a short time, comparatively, then die. Don’t squander your short time. Events out of your control are out of your control. Small picture events are in your control. Caring for your emotional and physical health should overshadow any big picture event. How you respond to big picture news is within your control. Don’t waste your time responding negatively to things out of your control. You are a beautiful talented individual and being you should fill your life so much you have no time to think about big picture things.

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