I guess I approach a lot of things from a picture-taking standpoint.  Tonight at the end of the debate, when the Obamas and McCains were walking around talking to the audience members, I noticed that nearly every single audience member was holding or using the exact same brand of Kodak disposable camera.  My guess is that these cameras were given to them at the debate in lieu of letting them bring their own cameras in.

I know that it was probably some sort of security issue, but it’d still have made me mad if I’d been there.  It would feel like the debate organizers were telling me, “Okay, you can take pictures, but we want them to be shitty!”

4 thoughts on “insta-suck

  1. I noticed that too. I thought maybe it was a combination of security and sponsorship by Kodak.

    There weren’t that many people there, couldn’t they check every person’s camera like they do with laptops at the airport?

  2. I noticed that too. But near the end, I saw one guy with, I am guessing, was his own camera- a little silver thing. Maybe he snuck it in.

  3. My theory has been confirmed!

    The people at the debate actually provided the disposable cameras for us and stated we would not be able to take our digital cameras on stage, but we could take the cameras provided for us.”

    That’s an interesting article otherwise, too. It’s about the guy to whom McCain said, “You’ve probably never heard of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.”

  4. Have you ever thought about making a career out of photography, perhaps as a fine-art or documentary photographer? Your photos are very cool.

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