true blood my ass

True Blood is bothering this Buffy fan.  Why do the vampires’ fangs snap out like that?  How come their faces don’t get all rumply?  How can Sookie and Bill consume each other’s blood without turning Sookie into a vampire?  How is her telepathy not applying to vampires not a direct lift from “Earshot“?  What does Bill even see in Sookie anyway?  GOD.

4 thoughts on “true blood my ass

  1. I don’t like the fangs & the non-bumpy faces either! The fangs just seem so… cheesy. I do think the second episode was better than the first though & i’m always looking for a vampire show to ease the pain of no more buffy, so i’m giving it a shot.

  2. Have you tried reading the book? Holy CRAP it’s horrid. If you can imagine it, the tv version is GREAT in comparrison.

    Nonetheless, am hanging in for the sheet spectacle of it all.

  3. Oh, HA! I read the first paragraph of your comment, and then I thought, “Well, that sheet thing was pretty horrid.” Then I read your second paragraph. Glad I’m not alone in being really weirded out by that scene.

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