2 thoughts on “caught unawares!

  1. Re: your recent post about being an old blogging woman – hey, remember when “weblog” meant a page that was mainly listing links, with a bit of commentary, to other things on the Web, i.e. logging the Web? Apparently Mighty Girl does.

  2. I am one of the new readers, directed your way by Mighty Girl, and just read every last post from your waitress category, and loved every word. Missing my days as a waitress, playing pool though instead of darts after shifts. How are salad ladies exactly the same everywhere? Lunch crowds are the worst. My restaurant was in the downtown of a small town, so we got a lot of the city officials, who were definitely too important to be bothered to stop talking so you could take their order. And it definitely never occurred to them that the girls taking their orders might actually be smart or educated, so it was sort of fun to know the political gossip before the rest of the town.

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