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This isn’t news to me (or anyone, probably), as I remember feeling fat in the fifth grade (I wasn’t).  Dieting didn’t start until junior high, but the unhealthy body image definitely started in elementary school.

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  1. Some kids at my daughters elementary school called her fat. She is in the bottom 5% of her age group for weight, super small compared to her friends. I think kids say stuff like that and don’t fully grasp what they are doing. We had a talk with her so she knows she is small for her age and the exact opposite of fat, and that the kids were just being mean. I know I am not suppose to say I want to beat up kids, but those kids deserve it.

    I remember how many healthy weight and skinny girls I dated that always said they were fat. I think it starts in elementary school. Maybe there should be self image classes in junior high.

  2. I *remember* being a fat little girl so much so that when my mom was making a scrap book I didn’t recognize myself. It was a complete shock to realize that I wasn’t ever a fat little girl.

    I was normal.

    This body image was reinforced in high school health when we learned about that ridiculous scale for weight and height. Apparently at 5′ 2″, 135 is overweight, not obese yet, but still 10 pounds heavier than the ideal *max*. Did I mention I was on varsity swim team? I *couldn’t* have lost any weight, it was all muscle.
    Now when I get down about body image, sometimes it helps to remind myself that I’ve *never* *thought* of myself as normal, much less skinny, even when I was, so what the hell do I know what I look like? (I hope that last sentence made sense)

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