small child with Early Alison Hair

small child with Early Alison Hair

Dear kid,

Your hair’s gonna be fine until the 4th or 5th grade, at which point all hell will break loose. There will be a lot of frizz and you may get called some names at school. But don’t panic: eventually you’ll learn how to style it properly, and you can look forward to an adulthood of hair awesomeness.


6 thoughts on “small child with Early Alison Hair

  1. – A haircut with lots of layers
    – Liberal use of conditioner
    – Combing or brushing only when wet, ideally while the conditioner is in
    – Thorough application of post-shower styling product (something curl-enhancing or frizz-reducing)
    – Air-dry, never, ever, EVER blow-dry

  2. My hair suffers from the same frizzyness gene that you have. Poor little girl! By the way, I found you on some guys blog ranking list. Weird but flattering I suppose.

  3. Aliso,

    Thanks for the hair tips. I always like visiting your site because it’s not filled with ego fueled diatribes. It’s thoughtful and well written. Thanks for continuing to share your writing and photos.

  4. w/r/t “Combing or brushing only when wet:”

    Yeahbutbut, doesn’t your curl-prone/frizz-prone/tantrum-prone hair get all tangly over the course of the day? And doesn’t tangly hair instantly transform into knotty hair if it happens to get a good soaking? And therefore, don’t you have to comb it all out before you get in the shower? Even though you break it all over the place working out the tangles-that-want-to-be-knots?

    If a viable alternative to tearing up my hair 2 minutes before every shower I take does in fact exist, this is information I need to have. (Even if I am 3 weeks late to the girltalk party.)

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