Have you ever been sick for long enough that you forget what it’s like to be well? I mean, you’ve always felt like this, right? You’ve never been able to go more than ten minutes without having a coughing fit. You’ve never been able to drive anywhere without getting tired. You’ve never been able to stand up for any length of time without feeling like you’re going to collapse. Everything has always been this heavy, this snot-ridden, this exhausting.

Whoever gave me this flu can totally suck it.

6 thoughts on “sick

  1. Boo, hiss! Being sick sucks. I hope at least it didn’t start until after SXSW – and I hope you get better soon, of course.

  2. I know the feeling, I moved to Midland in September and have had horrible allergy problems since then. I have spent more time being sick than I have being well. Just spent a week in Friendswood and all my problems cleared up.

  3. The flu sucks. I hadn’t had the flu in probably 7 years and got it this year. Week 1 I did nothing but cough and sleep and was totally exhausted. Took until week 3 to start feeling human again. Be kind to yourself and realize it *will” end! Apparently this year’s strain just has a long recovery time. :(

  4. I am on week two of the flu tomorrow. It sucks forsure. The cough is not as bad, but I still feel out of it. I want to be able to think straight, and not feel like I am still dreaming. Cough meds mess me up bad, like fear and loathing in the flu.

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