welcome to 2005

So, uh, I have WordPress now. I think a lot of things are broken, so if you find any of those things, let me know. Also, I don’t know if the RSS feed works.

16 thoughts on “welcome to 2005

  1. I’ve never admired those who “first” people, but when I saw your comments were open I was soooooo tempted. I couldn’t hold back.

    Oh, and when I saw your glasses through the multi-colored veil/scarf/thingy, it was like a cheap horror flick cliche (kind of like when the killer appears from behind the refrigerator door). Scary dude. :)

  2. This is awesome! Welcome to WordPress. I think you’ll like it here.

    Also, if I might make a suggestion in terms of comments: I highly recommend using WP’s “approve all comments left by first time posters” option. This means you’ll only get trolled by people you know. ;) New commenters or folks using new/fake email addresses get sent to your moderation queue for easy weeding out.

  3. me too me too me toooo! we are like, kindred spirits, you and i.

    love love love the redesign! you are awesome :)

  4. Hey! Comments are back! I’m glad. I know there are reasons NOT to have comments, and they are good ones, but I am glad we readers can again tell you how much we like you. And we do like you. An awful lot. : )

  5. Site redesign! Comments are back! Randomly-changing image masthead! Whoooo!

    Good to see you freshening up the place. It feels better.

  6. well look at that. very nice. and you have comments. and cool pitchers at the top.

    i don’t even know what wordpress is, and i barely know how to do any of that stuff, but 2005 right on: let’s all get about 3 years taken off.

  7. Comments, exciting! I’ve been reading your site for years now and I don’t think I’ve ever commented. So Alison? I like the things you write.

  8. Nice! I second (or third?) the cheer for the return of comments. There has been so much I’ve wanted to say!

  9. So happy that I can finally comment here (and not stalk you down on Flickr, lol).
    RSS works on LJ as well :-)

  10. I was always really sniffy about how I didn’t like WordPress because I was a Blogger person, but I’ve been using it a lot for work lately and have been forced to admit that it’s pretty fantastic!

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