it bothers me…

…when people refer to Barack Obama as Obama and Hillary Clinton as Hillary. I understand that it’s weird to say “Clinton” and not be talking about Bill, but I also think it’s disrespectful to refer to men by their last names and women by their first*. Why don’t you say Clinton** from now on, okay? We’ll know who you’re talking about, I promise.

* Not wanting to spend the next four years being bothered by this is just one more reason for me to vote for Obama, I guess.
** Or Barack; I guess you could be an equal-opportunity first-namer and say Barack.

update: Okay, everyone who e-mailed me is right that Clinton did this to herself*** with the “Hillary for President” slogan. This is why I never write about politics.

*** You know what? The fact that she did it to herself is even worse, I think.