fond of Y-O-U

1. in seattle, a friend of mine used the word “awkweird.” it’s the best word ever.

2. it both looks and smells good at mcleod residence. you can’t smell it without going there physically, but you can see it here.

also, the photobooth!

3. this trip is, in part, a way for me to try out some other towns to see where i might like to live. i don’t want to live in austin anymore, so i may as well evaluate the places i’m visiting to see how they fit. so far, here is a list of places i might like to live:

a) seattle

4. i worry that my default state of loneliness leads me to forge connections with people i wouldn’t connect with otherwise, just so i can have someone to talk to. if that’s true, does it make those connections fake? useless? wrong?