heads will roll!

heads of state

last week in houston i went to see david adickes’ presidential busts in the parking lot of his studio.  they were awesome.  i took a bunch of pictures, which i think came out pretty well.

heads of state

but now i’m back at work, unfortunately.  today i am cranky about the following things:

1. the post-vacation “hey, happy new year how are you how was your christmas?” perfunctory crap everyone’s been saying to each other all day.*  i detest small talk in the first place, and asking about the holidays of coworkers you don’t even know makes for the smallest talk there is.

“it was good, how was yours?”
“good.  happy new year.”
“you, too.”

retch.  anyone i care to tell about my christmas already knows how it was, and they know because i said, “dude, guess what?  my ipod never got here.”

2. my ipod never got here.  it was to be a christmas present from my parents, and nearly two weeks after they sent it it still hasn’t arrived.  i think it’s lost in the mail.  perhaps i was never meant to have an ipod.

3. there will be no internet at my house until thursday.

* a few weeks ago i told some friends that i think i’m corporately unemployable, and this small-talk thing is part of the reason why.