busy busy busy

1.  with my new(ish) contract job, i’ve had almost no time left for writing or posting or making jewelry or any of the other things that used to fill my days.  this bothered me quite a bit at first, but now i’m relishing the social interaction that comes with working in an office.  lunches and after-work drinks and weekend parties are fun.  the recent years i’ve spent not leaving the house made me forget how outgoing i usually am.

2.  the other thing i’d forgotten was how strange it is to talk to people online–that is, to talk online with people i see in person.  i tend to spend parts of my day on IM or email with a few of my coworkers, talking about work and music and life or what-have-you.  but then when i see them in a meeting or at someone’s desk, they seem different somehow.  it’s as though the internet them and the in-person them are two separate entities–similar, but not quite the same, like two old friends who’ve lost touch but retained one another’s mannerisms.  it’s probably a strange analogy, but that’s how it feels.  sometimes when i get comfortable talking to someone online, i still feel awkward around them in person.

3.  my sewing skills have been coming in handy.  i don’t have too much in the way of office-appropriate clothes, and i don’t have any time to do laundry, so i’ve spent many an evening making myself something to wear to work the next day.  i’d show you all the stuff i’ve made, but i don’t have time to take the pictures.  you know, with the work and all.

4.  not that i ever need to find out, but i can always tell how busy i am by looking at my hands.  when i’m bored or have lots of down time, i tend to pick at my nails and cuticles, usually until they bleed.  when things get hectic, the scars heal and the skin grows back.