we are the music lovers

last night i went out for margaritas with some of my new (albeit temporary) coworkers.

me:  hey, i guess we haven’t met yet.  i’m alison.

coworker #1:  hi, i’m coworker #1.

me:  oh!  so you’re coworker #1!  i’ve really been enjoying your pixies collection on itunes.

coworker #2:  you’ve been listening to his pixies collection?  that’s almost like getting into his pants!

…which wasn’t what i was trying to do, but i appreciated the sentiment all the same.  one’s music collection can be quite personal.  i’ve brought some of my music to work and am sharing it on the network under the name “free lance!” *  i’m trying not to think too much about how the people i have yet to meet might judge me based on my music, in much the same way i did with coworker #1.  because i was way off about him.

(though i did tell him how happy i was to see that he had doolittle.  it’s one of my favorite albums of all time [it reminds me of this night], and on my first day there when i didn’t know anyone and had no idea what i was doing, i listened to doolittle all day and it made me feel better.)

* all my emails and chats at work are from “Free Lance” because i’m not going to be there long enough to warrant a personal “aheadley” ID.  some people address me as Free, some as Lance, and D and i have expressed our hopes that one day lance will finally be free.  it’s like free mumia but, you know, lance.