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In your ________ Guide for March, I found quite a few spelling and grammar errors. I’ve listed several examples at the end of this email, but first I’d like to offer my services as an editor. I’m a freelance web designer and writer here in Austin, and I love spelling and grammar the way some people love beer. While I think the write-ups in the ________ Guide strike just the right tone–to be funny and irreverent while maintaining respect for one’s audience is quite an achievement–they could use some polishing. I’d love to be the person who gets to do that, as I think the ________ Guide is awesome.

I got my English degree from the University of Houston, and I’ve been writing on my personal website, http://www.bluishorange.com, for over six years. My resume and portfolio can be found at http://www.bluishorange.com/resume/. Please let me know if you’re interested. Thanks for your time!

Alison Headley

– page two – “Don’t miss your chance to get a sneak peak of the next Southpark, Wallace and Grommit or Beavis and Butthead, all of whom got their start with Spike and Mike.”
– ‘Peek’ and ‘Gromit’ are misspelled, ‘South Park’ is two words, not one, and it should read ‘all of which got their start,’ as ‘whom’ is used to refer to people.

– page three – “Join the ranks of Animators who’s titles have premiered at Spike and Mike either in the theater or on video.”
– ‘Whose’ should be used instead of ‘who’s.’ On that same page Trey Parker and Matt Stone are listed incorrectly as ‘Matt Parker and Trey Stone.’

– page eleven – “…and some of the best flight action ever filmed, and wha-la: instant 80’s classic.”
– ‘Wha-la’ is actually spelled ‘voila,’ and should be italicized since it’s French.

– page twelve – “Its traditions go back much farther.”
– ‘Further’ should be used instead of ‘farther,’ as ‘farther’ describes physical distance and ‘further’ describes advancement in degree or time.

– page twelve – “Executive chef _____ _____ will be crafting a four course meal, each dish will be themed on one of the four best picture nominations.”
– This is a run-on sentence, and there are five best picture nominations, not four.

– page fifteen – “…will give each other cards and candies and go to dinner and sit around under candlelight.”
– I’ve never seen anyone sit around under candlelight before, at least not without getting hot wax on their head.