abandon your posts!

here are the things i didn’t write about while i was without internet access:

1.  a list of products i was boycotting because of their bad tv commercials.  nearly all tv commercials are bad in some form or another, so in this case i focused on the ones that were annoying, hyperbolic, patronizing, or otherwise insulting to my intelligence.  i forgot about the boycott until now, but i don’t think the list had anything on it i ever buy anyway.

2.  a thing about how i went to a ben folds concert by myself a few weeks ago.  when the house lights went down for ben folds to come onstage, the overture from jesus christ, superstar started playing over the loudspeaker.  i thought it a really interesting entrance-music choice for ben folds to make, but since i was alone, there was no one to tell.  so i tapped the guy next to me on the shoulder.

“excuse me.  if i’d come here with someone else i’d be telling them about this, but since i didn’t, you’re it.  did you know this is the overture to jesus christ, superstar?”

he smiled.  “yes, i have it on vinyl at home.”

“don’t you think it’s weird that he picked this?”

“yes, i guess it is.”

“i know!  anyway, thanks for humoring me.”

“glad i could help.”

3a.  a list of the top ten reasons you should watch arrested development.  they included will arnett’s voice, the entertainingly biased narration, and the new things you notice when you watch an episode more than once.  i don’t remember the other seven.

3b.  about what dorks my sister and i are.  a few weeks back we came across teen wolf too while flipping channels.  we talked about how many times we saw the original teen wolf when we were kids; she remembered more of it than i did.  then we started going back and forth between teen wolf too and an arrested development tape i already had in the vcr, trying to decide if jason bateman is so much more attractive now because he had some kind of plastic surgery or because he’s just aged really, really well.  we settled on the latter.

4.  i don’t remember all the other ones.