can’t see with my

my summer web design job ended recently.  this means i’m back looking for employment again, and once again i have a lot of time to make jewelry and sew and play with the dog.  this is in some ways a relatively good thing, but it also gives me time to think about scary things:

1.  when i was little, we spent two weeks as an arbitron ratings household.  this meant that we kept a little card on top of the tv, and every time we watched something we had to write it down on the card.  my sister and i didn’t write down everything we watched, because we didn’t want our parents to know how many hours we spent in front of the tv.  but i did make sure to write down my favorite shows in all caps so they wouldn’t get cancelled.  so somewhere in a box or a filing cabinet or a landfill, there’s an arbitron ratings card on which i wrote “DOOGIE HOWSER, M.D.”

2.  i’ve noticed lately that when i sew or make jewelry or do anything that requires me to view things at close range, i let my glasses slide down the bridge of my nose and look out over the tops of them.  i find i can see things better this way.  i’m only TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS OLD.  that’s way too young to need bifocals.  isn’t it?