gilmore or less

here is a picture of the gilmore girls billboard i used to see every day on my way to work:

gilmore billboard

i took this photo out the window of my car at a red light, which is why it’s a bit blurry.  the billboard is pretty much this image, except that on the billboard luke’s face is ripped off.  every day i drove by the billboard i would look at it and wonder why luke’s face was ripped off.

“i wonder why luke’s face is ripped off,” i said to ryan.

“i don’t know,” he said.  “i can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t like luke.”

“or maybe someone really likes luke, and they ripped it off so they could have a giant scott patterson face on their wall.”

“maybe that’s what happened.”

“yeah.  although, how much overlap do you think there really is between gilmore girls fans and billboard vandals?”

“probably not very much.”