mailing list

for lack of anything better to say about my life right now (lookforjobs compuinternet sleepeatshower boyfriend watchtv takedogstothebathroom), here’s what i just sent to my jewelry mailing list:

i’ve spent weeks and weeks now making earrings and necklaces and bracelets, and putting them in little piles on the coffee table when i’m finished.  but they’re probably better off on the site where you can see them than on the coffee table where nobody can see them but me and the dog.

in other words, new items!  yay!

if i tape next week’s season finale of lost on the wrong channel, you shall never hear from me again.  instead of making jewelry, i’ll be out on the streets selling my body in exchange for a tivo.


the good news is that someone just paid me for the use of three of my jefferson davis hospital photos.  they’re going to be in a book!