buy stuff!

it may not surprise you to learn that i buy a lot of stuff on the internet.  i’m always on the internet anyway, and shopping online means i don’t have to go anywhere.  here’s a list of some things i buy online, with links to my favorite places to find them. *

bubble mailers:
mailers and more
i use a lot of these to ship jewelry orders.  the 5x10s are the perfect size.

off melrose
off melrose has a ton of great stuff.  they add new items every day, which is sad because i always find something i want that i can’t quite afford.  shipping’s a little pricey, but it’s really fast.  the measurements are accurate, too; every single thing i’ve purchased fits perfectly.

plastic stuff:
u.s. plastic corp
i say “plastic stuff” because i can’t think of a better term, and hey, that’s what they sell.  they’ve got good prices on blank cd cases, and i keep all my beads and jewelry supplies in these little jars.  also, plastic baggies!

printer ink:
i think these ink cartridges are off-brand and/or refurbished, but you can’t beat the price, and there’s free shipping.  this is also where i buy shipping labels.

i’ll admit that i don’t own one of cinnamon’s purses.  but i saw a few that she had with her at sxsw, and i saw her make one on tv.  she obviously puts a lot of thought into her designs; her purses are both pretty and useful.

razor blades:
i use a hand-me-down mach 3 razor that andy gave me a few years ago.  the blades are pretty expensive at the store, but they’re super-cheap on ebay.

wrap with us
we’ve all needed organza ribbon at one time or another, am i right?  (no.)  anyhow, if you ever do find yourself in desperate need of some good organza, this is the place for it.  they’ve also got a lot of wedding paraphernalia, if you’re into that sort of thing.

ariel’s warmies
i don’t think anyone else makes matching legwarmers and hats.  ariel’s are great, though.  i bought a set last year, and i love them.  they came wrapped in the coolest tissue paper i’ve ever seen.

* two disclaimers:
1. none of these stores are paying me to link to them, and they aren’t going to pay me if you buy anything from them, either.  they’re just stores i like, and i think you might like them, too.
2. i’ve never had any bad experiences with these places myself, but i’m not responsible if you do.  sometimes these things just happen.