(boring) guessing game/exercise

i’m pretty unhappy with the way things (comments) are going around here lately, but i don’t have the time/energy to worry about it.  for now, here are 20 of my favorite bands/artists.  try to guess my favorite song.  correct guesses will be posted.  fun!

aimee mann – nothing is good enough (andrew)
the beatles – and your bird can sing (john)
belle and sebastian – seeing other people (joshua)
ben folds (five) – selfless, cold, and composed (byff)
coldplay – green eyes (rynews)
death cab for cutie – lowell, ma (jimmy james: macho business donkey wrestler)
the decemberists – song for myla goldberg (john)
elliott smith – alameda (jess)
interpol – c’mere (joshua)
led zeppelin – fool in the rain (byff)
modest mouse – heart cooks brain (jon)
pavement – elevate me later (lauren)
the pixies – la la love you (shaun)
rem – try not to breathe (fedor)
rufus wainwright – foolish love (mojo)
the shins – gone for good (shane)
(paul) simon and/or garfunkel – i am a rock (lindsay)
the smiths – cemetry gates (st.)
spoon – everything hits at once (mary)
yo la tengo – tie – stockholm syndrome/autumn sweater (tozÈ/mary)

p.s.  i stole this from andrew (they call alabama the crimson tide / call him deacon blues) huff.
p.p.s.  if you are one of the three ryans, you are not allowed to guess.