“how was your day, dear?”

i don’t really do anything, see? i don’t go out, i don’t meet people, i don’t overhear things. i don’t have great revelations or insights or new experiences. i’m not running late, i don’t have to be there on time, i don’t have to be there at all. here’s an excerpt from an email i wrote this morning about my job status:

i couldn’t wait tables when i broke my foot in october, and after it healed i just never went back. after three years of waitressing, i was burned out.right now i have a part time design job with this computer company in ________ (an hour outside of houston). lately they’ve been having me vectorize bitmap files for embroidery on polo shirts. i was supposed to do some freelance writing for the _____ website, but i think that fell through. which sucks, because i was pretty excited about it.

so i spend a lot of time looking (unsuccessfully) for jobs, a lot of time making and selling jewelry and vectorizing bitmap files for polo shirt embroidery, a lot of time playing with a chihuahua, and a few hours here and there worrying about how much money i owe. that’s the long version of the story.

all this sitting around wouldn’t bother me except that it’s boring and it gives me positively nothing to write about. here’s what i do on an average weekday:

10:00 – wake up, take pills, start coffee, take the dog out.

10:15 – drink coffee. internet: check email, check the news, see who’s linking and commenting, look for jobs, look for apartments, read things that other people write, work on various web jobs and projects.

12:00 – feed the dog.

12:02 – eat. internet. eat internet.

2:00 – one of three possibilities: nap, run errands (gas station grocery store post office bank), or make jewelry.

4:00 – take the dog out. check the mail on the way. open the mail while sitting outside on the front steps watching the dog play in the grass.

4:15 – shower. drink a soda. internet.

5:00 – make jewelry, watch tv.

7:00 – eat. sometimes this involves actual cooking, but usually it doesn’t.

7:30 – feed the dog again.

7:32 – make jewelry, watch tv. sporadic internet.

9:30 – take the dog out again.

9:40 – one of two possibilities: drink wine and internet, or drink wine, make jewelry, watch tv.

11:00 – talk to boyfriend on the phone, for half an hour if he’s got a lot of schoolwork, for over an hour if he doesn’t. discuss how school was today, how the internet was today, how our respective dogs are, how i don’t ever do anything, our plans for future weekends, and other miscellaneous topics.

12:30 – one of two possibilities: drink wine and internet, or drink wine, make jewelry, watch tv.

1:45 – get ready for bed. read in bed until eyes cross from exhaustion.

2:30 – sleep. dream intensely, bizarrely.