dismount your donkey at the summit

kelly and daniel came over for dinner last night.  they brought chinese food and sake and rum and coke and some of the fortune cookies kelly had made for daniel on valentine’s day.  the fact that kelly and daniel bring so much stuff when they come over probably means i should have them over more often.

anyway, if you’ve never had homemade fortune cookies before, you should, because they’re awesome.  they’re nothing like the regular fortune cookies you get in chinese restaurants, the ones you break open just to get the fortune inside, the ones you eat only if you enjoy sweetened cardboard.  no, homemade fortune cookies actually taste good.  even though it was kelly’s first foray into fortune-cookie making and the paper fortunes she’d put inside were kind of stuck to the cookie, i ate two of them, because they were just that tasty.

we cracked open the cookies that came with the chinese food, too.  kelly’s fortune said “you will soon bring someone joy.”  i told her that that someone was probably me, because her homemade fortune cookies were just so damn good.  here’s a picture of all three of my fortunes, none of which i put in my bra, partly because i forgot, and partly because the ones kelly made were all greasy with butter.

the fortunes i got
there appears to be a theme.