the eddie mathews bobblehead stays

i think i have a fever. it’s been a long time since i had a fever, and i don’t have a thermometer, so i can’t really tell. but i’ll get cold so i get under the sheet, and then i’ll get hot so i throw it off, and then i can still feel the heat radiating from my skin underneath my clothes. or i’ll feel a strange tickle on my neck and lift my hand to my throat to find that i’m sweating.

today i’ve been taking my big kitchen trash can from room to room, and i’ve been throwing things away. a partial list, because i like lists:

stale cough drops
socks with holes in them
near-empty bottles of shampoo i don’t even like
a knee brace that’s too big
windows 2000 schwag from my computer job
leg warmers that never fit
a stuffed witch i bought at a garage sale
aprons from the restaurant where i worked in 1999
gift bags that are ugly
baskets that hold nothing

living in one place for four years it’s easy to forget about all the things you have that you don’t need anymore, because you’re so used to seeing them. or maybe they’ve been there so long you’ve stopped seeing them at all.