i don’t even like guinness

two separate conversations i had at work sunday afternoon with a fellow waitress, one while she was typing in an order at the computer:

sarah:  are you a double today?
me:  yeah, i’m a double every sunday.
sarah:  oh.
me:  i’ve been a double every sunday for the past three years, i think.

my guinness wallet card, front and back…and one while we were sitting at the bar having lunch:

sarah (noticing my open wallet):  what’s that?
me:  oh.  that’s my guinness card.  pouring guinness was my favorite thing when i used to bartend.  i liked to make each one perfect.  i’d pour it halfway, and let it settle, and then pour the other half, and i’d always make sure the top was perfectly smooth.  i even have a picture of one of my customers posing in front of a guinness i’d poured.
sarah:  could you do the clover thingy?
i poured this guinnessme:  no.  i could never figure out when to start making the clover, so the glass would always overflow before i was finished.  i could make an “A,” though.  anyway, my boyfriend at the time gave me that little card because he knew i liked to pour guinness, and i’ve kept it in my wallet ever since.  i guess it’s been in there since 1999.
sarah:  you like to do things for a long time, don’t you?
me:  what do you mean?
sarah:  well, earlier you said you’ve been a double every sunday for three years.
me:  yeah.
sarah:  and you’ve kept this card in your wallet since 1999.   you do a lot of things for x amount of time.
me:  hey, you’re right.  yeah, i guess i have a lot of those.