things that happened

my new joke is to ask my sister to translate really complicated concepts and/or words into spanish. here is a list of things i�ve asked her to translate:

�c�mo se dice perpetuate the stereotype?
�c�mo se dice space-age polymers?
�c�mo se dice corrugated metal?

also, someone said “ustedes,” and i thought they said “prosthetic.” i told megan this and she thought it was hilarious, and then she had to explain to everyone, in spanish, what a prosthetic is.

a ferreteria is a hardware store, but i like to think it�s a place where they sell ferrets.

megan�s friend wiston was watching hey, arnold! which i�ve never seen, so i asked him what it was, and he said, “�oye, arnold!” i found this hilarious.

iguanas fought.

i gave some silly putty to junior, the seven-year-old boy who lives in megan�s house. then i taught him how to say “silly putty.” by the end of the day, he�d played with the silly putty so much it was gray with dust.

today we went to see junior perform in a program at his school. his class wore hats and costumes and did some sort of traditional dance, which looked like square dancing. before the music started they were all lined up in formation on the sidelines. junior saw me and waved.

the most surreal thing by far was when i was sitting on the roof of the house with junior (7), carla (13), and liro (17). the television was on in liro�s room, and when the theme song to malcolm in the middle started, all three of them sang along in english. “you�re not the boss of me now, and you�re not so big…” then they asked me what it meant.