i’m going to be the tallest, whitest person ever!

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From: Megan Headley
Sent: Monday, July 12, 2004 11:19 AM
To: alison headley

fantastic!  i am very excited.

i have a favor to ask of you.  my family would like a cordless telephone, which is much cheaper and better quality in the us, so i was wondering if you could buy one and we will give you the money here.  of the inexpensive variety, something that costs about 20 or 30 dollars.

anyway, if you have any questions, you can write, or if you4re ever at mom and dad4s house these days, call me from there.

i can4t wait.

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From: alison headley
Sent: Friday, July 16, 2004 12:42 PM
To: Megan Headley

i bought a cordless phone, yo.  it was on sale for $15 at target.  i think it’s a pretty decent one.

some questions i have:

1.  are the outlets the same size and voltage there?  i mean, i assume they would be if a cordless phone here would work there, but i thought i’d ask just in case.  i’ll need to charge my camera batteries from time to time.

2. will i be able to access the internet much?  not that it’s a big deal or anything.

3. is there anything else i should bring for your family / friends / organization?  things that they need or will like or will think are cool?  is there anything YOU need?

4. i was thinking about making a necklace for the mom in your family (i can’t remember her name).  do you think she would like it / wear it?  what colors does she wear?  how long should the necklace be?  should it be chunky or a bit more subtle?  you know what my stuff looks like; let me know what you think she’d want.  also, how old is the little girl?  if she’s old enough, i could make her a cute little elastic bracelet like i did for ginny at work.  ginny’s three, and she loved hers.

5. if a necklace isn’t a good idea, what should i bring instead?  i’d like to have a gift of some sort for your family.

6. i know you said i’ll stand out no matter what i wear, but really, what should i wear?  i keep thinking about when we went to europe in high school and we were all in shorts so we looked stupid because nobody wears shorts there.  if i wear shorts or a skirt or a tank top, will everyone think i’m a ho?  i don’t want everyone to think i’m a ho.  heh.

7. what about shoes?  what kind of shoes should i wear?

8. i need to drink caffeine in the mornings, of the coffee or tea or cola variety.  will that be possible?  i can buy or bring some if i need to.

9. sunscreen, yes?

10. can i wear my cowboy hat?  i like my cowboy hat.  jeff gave it to me.  it’s the hat that won’t quit.

11. i asked rene at work if i could bring him anything from ecuador and he said fruit.  a brief discussion ensued in which i told him about how you can’t bring fruit back from a foreign country.  but the fruit is so good! he said.  you break it open and the juice on your fingers and, man.  it’s so good.  i’m glad, i said, and i wish i could bring some back for you, but it’s not allowed.  he has yet to tell me what he wants instead.  chris wants a shot glass, though, and the other chris said he wants a t-shirt from a local brewery.  that’s pretty specific, i know, but i figure any t-shirt that features south american beer and spanish words will make him happy.  are these things at all possible?

12. i just spilled coffee on my shirt.  but that’s not a question.

13. i was thinking i’d print out some of the photos i’ve taken and bring them along — photos of my apartment and the restaurant and my perrita bonita.  will people want to see these photos?  my perrita bonita’s curled up on a little pink blanket on the floor right now, and i want to take a picture, but if i get up she’ll get up too and then it’ll be ruined.  this always happens.

14. what else should i bring / not bring?  what will we be doing most of the time?