trying too hard

the problem is that i’ve been trying too hard.  that’s what it is, see?  i’ve been trying so hard to make sure everything reads perfectly, sounds exactly the way i want it to.  i edit the life right out of everything i write before it’s finished, before it’s even started.  that, my dears, is why i don’t write anymore.

instead of writing, i’m going to try typing.  i’m just going to sit down here and start typing until i stop, until i’ve said everything i can think of about whatever it is i’m saying.  like how on the nights when i know i can sleep in, i always say to my coworkers, “i’m going to go home and sleep until i wake up.”  despite the fact that, technically, everyone is asleep until they wake up, my coworkers seem to understand that i mean i’m not going to set an alarm.

i’m not going to set an alarm.  i’m going to type until i wake up.