what i really want to do

what i really want to do is drive all the way around the perimeter of the united states. most of the people i know who live in other states live around the outside, and not in the middle, so i’d have plenty of places to stay. i’d start driving west (since that’s what robert penn warren says to do) all the way through texas, through new mexico to gallup, through arizona to san diego, up through los angeles and san francisco and portland to seattle. from there i’d have nowhere to stay between seattle and chicago, but i’d manage. after chicago i’d go through indiana and ohio to philadelphia, new york, boston, and then back down to d.c. on the way back i’d hit kentucky, st. louis, little rock and dallas, and then i’d go back home.

do any of you have some extra time you could loan me? or some money? or a laptop?