wednesday night at mai’s, we were playing the standard game where you add “in bed” to the end of your fortune.  mine was, “it is not the person who has too little, but the person who always craves more, that is poor in bed.”

i only disagree with a couple of these.

ryan called wednesday morning at 9:15, forty-five minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off.  the ringing of the phone woke me up, but i didn’t answer it.  i had been having a dream in which i was looking for a bathroom, and i was going from major city to major city all around the united states, unable to find one.  las vegas was the last city i checked before the phone woke me up, but i only knew that i was in las vegas because when i looked out from the glass elevator as it descended into the lobby of the casino hotel, i recognized it from a previous dream.  from a previous dream.

i think of the best things just before i fall asleep.  when i wake up the next day, i remember that i thought of something really good, but what it was exactly is lost.  in haze.

what i did to deserve