so i’m leaving for fray austin in about an hour.  i’m nervous, there will be so many people there i want to see and so many things to do and then i’ll be on a stage?  telling a story?  i’m nervous.  i can’t remember the last time i did anything remotely related to getting up in front of a crowd, let alone a crowd who can review my performance on the internet.  not that they would do that, but still.

i’m driving up there with hanh and shaun and tony, which will be interesting for several reasons.  for one, i know the three of them fairly well, but not road-trip-in-a-car, all-four-of-us-in-a-hotel-room well.  for another, tony doesn’t like the internet, and hanh is fairly indifferent.  shaun of course is all over the web, but it will be strange to see how the other two feel about the weekend.  that sonic boom you’ll hear on saturday?  that’ll be the sound of my english-major world colliding with my internet one.

the thing i have been really bad at lately is email.  i usually never have more than ten un-replied-to emails in my inbox at a time, but right now there are fifty.  fifty!  forgive me.