kevin smith movies and i have had a rocky relationship.  i saw clerks when i was just out of high school, and it falls into the “movies i loved when i was younger and therefore still have to love” category.  you have that category, too, with movies on it like back to the future or top secret.  so i still think clerks is a good time.  chasing amy i saw in the theater, and don’t you mess with me about chasing amy.  i know that parts of it are really obvious and heavy-handed (the “chasing amy” speech in particular), but i like it, okay?  okay.  mallrats and dogma i hate with a fiery, all-consuming passion.

so, until now i’ve liked every other kevin smith movie, for whatever reason, but now the pattern has been broken.  jay and silent bob strike back was really dumb, really gross, and really, really self-referential, but as i am a sucker for half of all kevin smith movies and for movies that make fun of other movies and for jason lee, i rather enjoyed it.  reluctantly.  now i guess the pattern goes yes, no, yes, no, sort of.