–  i went to campus today to buy books, and as i walked to the university center, i passed a girl on a cell phone, wearing a tshirt that said, “not everyone can be a phi mu. but isn’t that the beauty of it?”  then i passed a guy whose shirt said, “kappa tappa kegga,” followed by a group of identical, toothpick-size fashion victims.  all the roads near the uc were completely ripped up and blocked off with orange cones, while men in orange vests stirred up cement dust.  ladies and gentlemen, we are definitely back at the university of houston.

–  shakespeares i am reading this semester include but are not limited to as you like it, a midsummer night’s dream, the tempest, troilus and cressida, twelfth night, richard II, richard III, othello, king lear, antony and cleopatra, the two noble kinsmen, and a winter’s tale.  i can’t read othello without thinking: “here’s the story of a brother by the name of othello / he liked white women and he liked green jell-o,” from the complete works of william shakespeare (abridged).  i also don’t think i can read all that and do senior honors thesis, but that’s another story entirely, isn’t it?

–  will whoever put my photo up on pickthehottie.com please at least resize it so that i don’t look like an orange cone squashed flat?  maybe then i’d rate higher than 30%!