hello i live in a disaster area.  check this out: “bats are often injured in heavy rains and winds. do not handle these or any other bats.”  jesus.

i went to get my car at ten this morning (after going to bed at five-thirty), and it’s okay; there wasn’t even any water on the floor inside, which is what happened to most people i know.  phil and megan and i walked down dunlavy street to highway 59, which is filled entirely with water, and the dunlavy bridge (which crosses over the highway) was like a party.  more than fifty people milled around, looking out at the streetlights and construction equipment peeking up from what is now a cement bayou.  everyone stood at the fence, taking photographs and videos.  we couldn’t see all the cars still on the freeway, submerged underneath twenty feet of water, but we know they are there.

it’s getting dark now, and it’s going to rain again tonight.