you may have noticed that i have removed my comment system, which i did because it was being abused in a ridiculous and offensive fashion.  as this is a personal website and not a community for idiots, i have virtually no regrets about taking it down, as i feel that it was detracting from my (my) site rather than adding to it.  i have seen this happen to other sites run by people i like and respect, and i’m not going to let it happen to mine.  i run this site because i find it enjoyable and fulfilling, and i am not about to jeopardize that, for myself or for anyone else.

to those of you who had constructive, interesting, and funny things to say (there are many of you, and you know who you are), i thank you for contributing, and for being my friends.  to those of you who had insulting and derogatory things to say (and you know who you are as well): if you think that you have won by driving me to remove my comment system, think again, because you no longer have a public forum, at least not on my site.  if you’ve anything to say to me personally (which i seriously doubt), you should contact me personally.

perhaps at some point i’ll reinstate the comments, but it certainly won’t be any time soon.