the southmore house got evicted from the southmore house, and tonight we went to see their new place, which consists of an apartment building, an adjacent house, and a former body shop called “now it’s fixed.”  veronica, dave, rob, ellen, erica and i made the five-block trip from old southmore to new, where we opened the garage doors and explored “now it’s fixed”.  it’s a typical body shop, with grimy brick walls, a greasy toilet, and an office and closet encrusted with gook.  dave and rob and ellen walked down the street to fiesta to get beer, and twenty minutes later we were drinking shiner, munching doritos, and watching dave pressure-wash the dirt from the walls.  we each took a turn with the hose, spraying the white-painted cinderblocks, watching ancient filth flow down to the concrete floor.  on one of the walls, a poster of alan jackson endorsing body paint was annihilated.

i feel like me again.