i could not have asked for a better birthday, and i could not ask for better friends.  rob (did you ever eat so much chicken that you thought you could see god?), hanh (who gave me a turquoise rag to go with my orange hair, and drove drunken me and four of my drunken friends around all night), phil (who is my favorite among favorites), elissa (who has a not-ready-for-primetime website, according to her), shaun (who does indeed win the who-can-blog-the-quickest contest, but only because hanh dropped him off first), jess, ryan (who is moving to san francisco in four weeks, which i did not know until this evening), tony, jonathan (who pastel-ed me the most beautiful picture, with seven-pointed stars), veronica, dave, thomas, the harp (the bartender brought me out a vodka tonic and said, “this is from the harp. happy birthday!” i’m pretty sure this means i am there too much.), adam, jessica, nicole, nora, other rob, and doug, i love you all.

thank you.  i am happy.